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Hello, Congratulations on your big day! 

We offer free online video consultation with our CEO and owner Ekaterina Bykova before you start your lessons. 

Your consultation is 15 - 25 min video call, when she will go over details of your wedding dance to make sure we can provide you with exceptional service based on your needs. 

-We will tell you about our company and instructors 

-We will go over your music, if you don’t have a song we will help you to choose one

-We will go over our special method of teaching, packages and pricing 

-We will go over all other questions that you possibly can have, for example: when to start your lessons, how often you need to come for lessons, how many lessons you will need for the dance you like, what kind of shoes to wear etc

-we will help you to choose  most convenient location, as we have many locations all over USA

-we will make sure to assign you the best instructor that would match your personality and make your dance journey unforgettable


Please let us know, what is the best day and time for you to schedule your free online consultation  and what is the best way to contact you : zoom, FaceTime or wats up


We offer free Online consultations 

Monday to Friday 1pm to 6pm East and  weekend by appointments based on on our CEO availability 


Please get back to us with time that would work for you. And let us know if you have anymore questions. 

To schedule your free online consultation please email us @

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